In the language of our ancestors NJIA Kamili means a different path. In the words of our sister Maya Angelou ,” Stepping into a brand new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation that is not nurturing to the whole woman”


Taking a different path means being informed and making informed decisions This page was designed to be a catalyst  to step out and seek services and care that are designed for our unique economic , educational ,social ,cultural and spiritual needs.  We are not one size fits all. Until we and others The path that leads to good maternal and understand this concept,  we will continue to have an escalating  maternal and infant mortality rates. The path that leads to optimal maternal and infant outcomes doesn’t begins at the first prenatal visit but  pre reproductive age (14).

Years ago, I began a program and support group  for parents, families thastt had experienced a perinatal loss  the program   addressed the grief  aspect of pregnancy loss and later it begin to explore the impact  it has on subsequent pregnancies. After many years it became evident, that education  on reproductive health should be included, many of these adverse outcomes (infant/maternal ) ca be avoided if patients were aware prior to  conception.Yet having the optimum reproductive health services either by a nurse      midwife or OBGYN we are faced with unexpected outcomes (i.e perinatal loss , post partum  depression)taking the next step is important as it will impact the reproductive continuum .

This page is designed to  provide resources to help you carve your unique path that leads to a healthy reproductive life cycle.